As a therapeutic boarding school, we understand that the struggle for your teen is so often rooted in the bond between their emotional and academic needs. Our teachers and administrators are certified to provide therapy in addition to their academic training, so they understand the unique situations you may be facing as a parent or child. We offer individualized care tailored to your child’s specific needs and allow you to create a plan for your child’s success beyond graduation.

Resolution Ranch Academy provides a serene, therapeutic environment of caring and support tailored to the individual needs of troubled teens. By developing responsible community service projects such as farming and animal husbandry, teens learn the value of hard work and teamwork. Through our unique curriculum that includes academics, art therapy, equine therapy and traditional therapy, teens are able to explore their own talents and discover new interests to enhance their own sense of self-worth.

Resolution Ranch Academy is a residential therapeutic program for teens exhibiting unmanageable behavior. We provide comprehensive recovery using a unique combination of education, therapy, and equine programs. Our goal is to help our students learn to manage their lives in a way that allows them to reach their full potential both personally and academically. Located outside Austin, Texas in the peaceful wilderness, far removed from the negative influences of modern teenage life, Resolution Ranch Academy provides a comprehensive recovery program for teens exhibiting unmanageable behavior, poor academic performance, or substance abuse problems.Developing character, learning responsibility and service to others are just a few of the things our students learn at Resolve Ranch Academy. Our therapeutic boarding school focuses on helping teens modify self-destructive behavior while they learn they can achieve success in life,, even if they’ve failed in the past.

If you’re concerned about your son or daughter and their struggles, though, a boarding school might offer the guidance they need while they spend time away from home. A therapeutic boarding school can often have a greater focus on helping students with mental health issues than other types of schools, and many are designed specifically to help within this area. A therapeutic boarding school is a residential program that provides support, structure, and guidance for students with specific needs. Students who are struggling with behavioral issues, poor academic performance, or have experienced trauma will often benefit from this type of learning environment. Programs that offer this type of care have staff that work directly with troubled or at-risk students to help them improve their behavior, increase their academic performance and independence skills, or manage challenging mental health issues. At times, other levels of care may be needed as well.

Dealing with troubled teens can be a difficult and frustrating. But before you send your child to a boarding school for teen boys or simply give up altogether, first consider Resolution Ranch’ Academy’s therapeutic boarding school. For more information please contact us or call 254.718.3364 .