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Thao N.

I I love this place the staff is amazingly wonderful they genuinely cared for my son and the rest of the boys there. Resolution Ranch gave me back the son I prayed for better than ever. My son was at the ranch for 10 months and even he appreciated going to the ranch for it profoundly helped him be the person he is today. I can never thank Resolution ranch enough, they not only saved my son but also saved me and my family thank you for what you guys do for families!!❤❤❤❤❤

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Powers Family

Last March we made the hardest decision ever and sent our son to Resolution Ranch. As parents we just wanted him with us and felt like we were losing our son but instead he was brought back to us. The kid we used to know before life got in the way. We now have a happy and confident son. We know he couldn’t have made such amazing changes without the help and support of the staff. The staff is amazing. They are caring, fun and relatable. But most importantly they love our boy too. The communication we received was phenomenal. I knew more about his school than when he was at home. I knew more about him and what was going on than I did when he was at home. We can not thank you enough for everything you did for our son and our family.

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“We visited the Ranch first, in March 2019. It is a beautiful place with a peaceful feeling as you enter the property driving by the horses, longhorns next door and the pond. When I saw the young men in the bunkhouse I realized that they were similar to my son. There was also a peaceful feeling inside. We brought our son the following week. It was a hard decision but I knew he was where he needed to be. The staff are thoughtful, kind and understand exactly how to deal with teenage boys. They were especially helpful with discipline, respectful communication and a focus on internal values. My son finally began truly engaging in counseling and focusing on his future and our family. The favorite part of our weekend visits was watching the daily team sports activities outside. They often play soccer, basketball, touch football and volleyball. There are a lot of smiles as they enjoy the playful competition. Big thank you to everyone at the Ranch for the very important hard work you do. You change the lives of the young men and their families.”

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We brought our son to Resolution Ranch in August of 2017 for dealing drugs and all the mess that ensues. He went in completely apathetic; “I don’t belong here, I’m not like these other kids, my parents are crazy”. It took about three months before I saw a shift in our son; accountability for his actions, acknowledgement of the pain he caused our family and himself. His therapist, Brandon Rodriguez was right on when he explained to us that it takes some time before the boys realize that the manipulations they may have used at home or on the street will not work at the ranch and they finally man up and start the personal work that they need to do. This is not a militant program, and that is why we chose Resolution Ranch. I felt the goal of the staff was not to break down the boys and build them up but rather assist the boys with introspection and reflection, and show them the real connection between their choices and the consequences that follow. It is my opinion that there is no need to bully or scream at someone to get them to comply and I knew that approach would not benefit our son. There IS major structure and boundaries at this ranch but it is done with empathy and love. It’s cut and dry: this action = this consequence. It’s up to you. I love this approach because it gave our son the lessons and skills he can use outside of the program in the real world. I feel compelled to point out in this review that you will get the most out of this program if you participate in your son’s journey here. Show up. Ask questions. Give constructive feedback. Visit when you can. It’s a family affair, parents need to show up even when your kid is acting like a complete monster. I realized I had personal work to do as a parent while my son was away and I know his father felt the same and did the work, too. It was not easy. We are a divorced family that had some still sensitive wounds. Not to mention this was a financial hardship for both of us. But we love our son. So we found a way. And we healed ourselves as we helped our son heal himself. He graduated yesterday and we are so proud of the personal work he has done. Yes, I am anxious and nervous that he will fall. And he is, too. But Resolution Ranch has provided him with the necessary tools for his life. And his family is here to support him, celebrate with him and help him up when he needs it. The rest is up to him. Lastly, I think the world and am so grateful to the staff at the ranch. My son has so much love and admiration for his teachers and therapist. Thanks guys, if you read this. I would be happy to talk to any parent who is considering enrolling their son at the ranch.

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Sent my son here, what a life saver. Totally changed his attitude and outlook on everything. It wasn’t easy on us with him being gone, and I know it wasn’t summer camp for him, but even he admits it was what he needed. Thank you guys!

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Jennings Family

Our son has been at Resolution Ranch since the beginning of May. We have seen very positive changes in him in the short time he’s been there. Of course we were apprehensive at first to make this decision but we did a lot of research and talked to a lot of people in our support community. This is the best choice we could have made for our 15 year old and I wish we would have made it sooner. The 30 day rehabs were just not helping or getting through to him. This is what he needed because we were failing at home no matter what we did or how we tried to help him. The staff is incredible, I can’t say enough about them. They are always there to answer my questions and take my phone calls no matter how busy they are. It’s not easy to send your child away somewhere but this is what he needed to change the direction he was headed. I highly recommend this as a place that can help your son struggling with substance abuse or any kind of behavior problems.

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Resolution Ranch Academy has helped many at-risk boys. Boys not only overcome behavioral issues, they also are accepted into college!