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Programs for Struggling Teens

Programs for Struggling Teens

Parenting a troubled teen leaves many parents feeling frustrated, alone, and hopeless. Fortunately, there’s help. Resolution Ranch is a Therapeutic Boarding School that provides solutions to families dealing with the negative influences on today’s teenager.

It is our goal to help teens find their true selves and rediscover the values they have forgotten. Our programs for struggling teens focus on developing positive and constructive ways to manage anger and deal with the complex social and developmental issues that lay the foundation for out-of-control teen behavior. By participating in daily therapy, personal academic tutoring and outdoor activities that require communication and cooperation with others, your struggling teen will learn the responsibility and rational decision-making skills that will enable them to lead productive lives as teens and young adults.

If you have been parenting a troubled teen but have been unable to effect any meaningful change in the teen’s behavior, we can help. For more information or to enroll your child in our program, please call 254-718-3364.