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Personal Growth

Helping others, embracing responsibility and communicating are all important components to the Resolution Ranch program.

Personal Growth Through Responsibility 

We believe being good to others is essential to building character and self-worth. We enroll boys and instill in each of their responsibility for themselves and helping someone besides themselves. He learns the value of humility, gratitude, and compassion.




A favorite of parents, every student has to do their laundry. Lower-level students wash their clothes by hand—ringing them out and hanging them up to dry. Higher-level students can earn the privilege of using the washing machine and, eventually, the dryer.

Cooking and Serving Food 

Resolution Ranch has two chefs on staff. Students help the chefs prepare the food, serve fellow students, and wash dishes. Upper-level students can earn the privilege of becoming Kitchen Captains, helping ensure the kitchen runs smoothly.

Community Service 

When students reach level 4, they must do 12 hours of community service on campus or, if applicable, at home while away from the Ranch for a home visit. They can also apply this time towards any court-ordered community service requirements they may have.

Keeping Spaces Clean 

Students have daily morning chores that involve keeping their dorms and personal spaces clean and keeping public areas of the Ranch picked up and swept.


Personal Growth 

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Consequences of Learning Experiences 

Rules and responsibilities bring necessary structure to life at the Ranch. However, if a student’s behavior requires disciplining, we do so through learning experiences to encourage them to reflect on their actions and consequences. Learning experiences may include extra duties/chores, insight writing assignments, talk ban, loss of privileges, or productive work.

Calling Group

“Group” can be called at any time by any community member to address issues and immediately vent feelings in the present moment. In the group, we acknowledge each other as thinking and feeling persons and identify defenses (such as denial, rationalization, projection, and protection) that prevent growth and discovery.

Life Space Interviews

Your son will participate in two Life Space Interviews with his Direct Care Worker twice a week. These mentoring sessions allow us to discuss and assess anything your son may be feeling or going through, personally and within the community. Life Space Interview reports are written after every interview and sent to the therapist. Your child’s Direct Care Worker and Therapist are constantly working hand-in-hand to keep informed of his progress.



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Personal Growth at Resolution | Alternative Boarding Schools

Personal growth, helping others, embracing responsibility and communicating are all important components to the Resolution Ranch program.