Resolution Ranch is proud to announce one of it’s esteemed student has accepted a $100,000 scholarship to Hendricks College!

We sat down with Justin to ask him about this experience and how he prepared himself for college.

How did you feel when you found out about the scholarship to Hendricks?

Justin- It was pretty big deal, I was excited even a little bit surprised. It was a good affirmation to my achievements. I definitely couldn’t of done it without the Resolution Ranch Academy Teachers. It was exciting for me and for my family.

Have you made a choice on where you are going to school?

Justin– Yes, I have officially enrolled in Hendricks, I will be starting in the fall.

Other than the scholarship, what was it about Hendricks that made you choose them over the other schools you applied to?

Justin– I like the small atmosphere, I got to meet some of the professors when I toured. It was really cool how personable they where and how they wanted relationships with the students. I liked the small class size with a big campus feel, it was kind of the best of everything.

What where some of the schools you chose Hendricks over?

Justin– I was also given offers from TCU, Concordia University, UNT, University of Texas at Dallas, Centenary, and several others.

Did you get any scholarships from those schools?

Justin– Yes, I got a $68,000 scholarship to Concordia and a $100,000 from Centenary.

What do you think that you learned at Resolution Ranch Academy that helped prepare you for college?

Justin– Well having Mrs. Kelley really helped introduce some of the politics that are involved as far putting your best foot forward and playing things strategically to your advantage and also how to organize things that would attract colleges. Also the Ranch in general has giving me some preparation in what college is going to look like being somewhat self sufficient and having that personal responsibility. 

Before you enrolled at Resolution Ranch what do you think changed about you now versus then?

Justin- Before Resolution Ranch I was very much interested in college but I wasn’t ready, I had too many emotional issues and just instability. I would of gone to college and sunk my own ship from partying or just acting out doing just crazy stuff instead of studying and keeping my mind and priorities where they need to be. The ranch has helped me rein that in and see my priorities and where they need to be and giving me that drive to keep my priorities straight and succeed in college. Before, my mind was like was ohh yeah I’ll succeed in college, I’ll be fine, but looking back at my behavior I wouldn’t of been fine I would’ve got in a lot of trouble and lost my scholarships. Now I feel I’m prepared to be able to do what I need to do and not lose my scholarships.

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