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Helping Boys With Anxiety Disorder

Does Your Son Struggle With
Anxiety Disorder?

Resolution Ranch Academy Can Help Your Son

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Anxiety Disorder (sometimes referred to as Generalized Anxiety Disorder) is a chronic condition marked by a severe and devastating level of fear, which may be marked by panic attacks; specific phobias provoked by particular things or situations, and may include social anxiety disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).  It can be just mental and emotional, or possibly present with physical symptoms (i.e.:  profuse sweating, fast pulse, sleeping problems).  Full-blown attacks can be experienced as paralyzing to those who are suffering.

Typically, a diagnosis requires that the anxiety last a minimum of six months.

Treatment For Anxiety Disorder at Resolution Ranch Academy

troubled teens TexasEarly Diagnosis and treatment for Anxiety Disorder is necessary, so that the anxiety does not build to the point of clinical depression, possibly leading to self-medicating with drugs or alcohol, or other injurious behaviors.
Your boy’s treatment approach might include a combination of therapies.  Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the more helpful means of treatment for high-level anxiety.  That therapeutic approach is focused on recognizing thought patterns that can lead to anxiety, and then preventing negative behaviors by teaching new responses to those triggering events.  

Your son might also benefit from medication to help in dealing with anxiety, although others find the side effects too difficult to handle.

As parents, you may find it impossible to comprehend the underlying causes that elicit such responses but with early diagnosis and professional help, Anxiety Disorder is generally treated with fairly high rates of success.

Anxiety Disorder in Teen Boys
Resolution Ranch Academy Can Help

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A Therapeutic Alternative for Families of Out-of-Control Teens

At Resolution Ranch Academy, we utilize a family-oriented approach that emphasizes teen therapy, nature, and community to help troubled boys discover constructive ways to manage anger and develop a positive value system. By implementing a personalized and nurturing treatment program for each teen, we address the full spectrum of emotional, behavioral, and academic problems that contribute to out-of-control behavior.

Resolution Ranch provides solutions to families dealing with troubled teen boys. For more information on our programs for troubled youth in Texas or to enroll your child in our treatment program, please contact the knowledgeable staff at Resolution Ranch.