At the Therapeutic Boarding School Resolution Ranch The ‘H’ in the Level Four R.A.N.C.H. acronym stands for ‘Helpfulness.’ The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines helpfulness as, “giving help,” or “being useful.” But being helpful is so much more than that. Helpfulness is taking time out of your own life to provide assistance to those in need. Helpfulness is doing nice things without being asked to do them. Being a helpful person is based on offering help with no intent for personal gain.

“Giving aid or assistance properly in a friendly manner,” said office manager Janie Mendoza, to describe what helpfulness means to her. Showing helpfulness proves that residents are willing to go the distance in caring for others. Consistently helping others, while showing a positive attitude, is a quality shown by residents that have achieved their Level Four, not because staff at the Ranch are looking for this in them, but because it is who they are now.

When assisting teenagers with behavior problems or drug issues it’s important to look at ones self “A man’s helpfulness determines if he is favored by a few or loved by millions,”said Direct Care, Ollie Dora. This quote shows that the more selfless and helpful one is, the more friends and admirers that person is likely to acquire. “When you help others – you are helping yourself! Helpful people provide help without expecting anything in return,” said resident Wesley O. This is an important principal of helpfulness – giving when you do not expect payment in return. Being a generous, thoughtful person and putting other people before yourself are qualities of a helpful person.

For me, helping young men that struggle with anger puts a warm feeling in my heart and gives me the confidence and encouragement to press on. I believe that having a helpful personality assists you in the long run, by opening up windows of opportunity in future careers and relationships. Helpfulness is a greatly appreciated asset and is an important life skill taught here at the Ranch.