Effective Alternative to the Teen Boot Camp

If a teen boot camp is your first choice for troubled boys, you may want to consider a more personalized approach instead. The therapeutic boarding school offers your son a nonjudgmental environment where transgression is not only accepted, but expected and then promptly confronted by compassionate staff. A therapeutic approach to providing treatment for troubled teens requires the establishment of trust and then an honest dialogue about inappropriate behavior that leads to positive, long-lasting change. Meetings between parents and staff are held throughout treatment so that parents become actively involved in the treatment process. Many families are looking for alternatives to traditional teen boot camps and therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens provide a safe, restrained environment with a skilled staff that operates on the philosophy that personal growth requires a healthy mixture of structure and freedom. This can be achieved through individualized therapy, family counseling as well as recreational therapy or life skills classes.

Resolution Ranch Academy is a therapeutic boarding school that offers a powerful combination of outdoor therapy, group counseling and guidance through a supportive community to help troubled teens overcome their problems and make positive behavioral changes. Building on the unique environment of our rural Texas campus, our expert staff helps students develop the social, decision-making and interpersonal skills they need to thrive in high school and beyond. Our boarding school for troubled teenager focuses on individual needs and include both emotional and educational components designed to help you rehabilitate your child back into daily life at home or school.What is a boot camp for troubled teens?

The boot camp for teens was originally founded as an alternative to juvenile detention for underage offenders. At teenage boot camps, instructors, who look and dress like authentic army drill sergeants, employ conventional military tactics to break the will of a defiant teenager and coerce him or her into following the rules. Teens are subjected to constant yelling and humiliation, grueling physical training, and severe discipline in the hopes of getting them to obey authority and improve their behavior both at home and school. No form of therapy or positive psychological intervention is provided to confront deep-seated emotional and behavioral issues that have been building up for years.

Are boot camps effective?

Child experts agree that teenage boot camps rarely produce any lasting change in a teen’s life because they fail to address the complex myriad of issues at the crux of teen behavioral problems. Instead of rehabilitating teens through intense therapy and self-understanding, boot camps attempt to scare teens straight using confrontation, intimidation, and severe punishment for undesirable behavior. And while teens usually modify their behavior long enough to be released from the camp, research has shown that the recidivism rate is over 90 percent. Furthermore, child psychologists warn the boot camp for the troubled teen may only intensify a teen’s anger and resentment towards authority figures.

A Healing Wilderness Camp for Troubled Teen Boys

Wilderness camp provides an effective alternative to teenage boot camps that addresses the full spectrum of issues facing teens today. Through group and individual therapy, private academic tutoring, and outdoor activities that require cooperation, communication, and the nurturing of living things, our team of trained counselors and licensed therapists guide your child through intense introspection and the re-evaluation of negative value systems. We help your child rediscover the positive values that will enable him to lead a productive life full of joy and personal fulfillment beyond the camp boundaries.

Wilderness camp for troubled teen boys is a therapeutic alternative to the teenage boot camp that gives your child the knowledge and skills they need to permanently modify their behavior. For more information or to enroll your child in our program, please contact us or call 512-718-3364