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Boarding School for Troubled Teens


If you are concerned about your teen’s future and want to give them a safe and secure environment, a boarding boarding school for teenagers may help. A boarding school for troubled teens may provide a distraction-free location where they can make better choices in their lives as well as build self confidence and boost grades. At Resolution Ranch Academy, located outside Austin, Texas, we believe in the potential that every teen has to succeed in life.

Utilizing a specialized, holistic approach to recovery, our teen boys learn to live successfully in the real world. Taught by caring staff who understand what it’s like to be a teenager, our facility is filled with positive role models and structured activities that promote personal growth through responsibility and service to others. Resolution Ranch Academy is a safe, supervised, boarding school for troubled teen boys that is dedicated to helping teens modify self-destructive behavior and realize their full potential as teenagers and young adults.

By creating a caring community of counselors, therapists, and peers, teens learn responsibility and service to others while developing a positive social network that will serve as a strong support system beyond the gates of our ranch. Situated in the peaceful wilderness, far removed from the negative influences on modern teenage life, Resolution Ranch Academy, an affordable boarding school provides a comprehensive recovery program for teens exhibiting unmanageable behavior, poor academic performance, or substance abuse problems.

While staying at our residential boarding school for troubled teens, residents participate daily in academic tutoring, outdoor activities, and group and individual therapy sessions that challenge them to re-think negative value systems and help them learn rational decision-making skills. Ultimately, it is our goal to guide teens down the path of recovery so they can lead productive lives as young adults.

Our clinical therapists are specialists in treating diagnoses such as, but not limited to: oppositional defiant disorders, ADHD, Mild Autism Spectrum Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), depression, anxiety, and drug use or addiction. To help foster trust and collaboration between your son and his therapist, our approach focuses on open, honest communication in a supportive and nurturing setting. During your son’s stay at our boarding school for troubled teens, his day will be structured around multiple types of therapeutic services.


Resolution Ranch Academy therapists specialize in Behavior Modification Therapy structured to discover and deal with the core issues your son is struggling with, rather than simply the symptoms. Once a week, your son meets with his therapist, who contacts you regularly with updates on his progress. Treatment plans are personalized with specific goals and exercises to help with depression, drug use, addiction, or other challenges your troubled teen may face.


Clinical group therapy occurs once per week among groups of 7 to 8 students in the Milieu, or community. These sessions allow your son to express his feelings openly and honestly in a positive peer environment. Teens offer feedback to help lift one another up and, in the process, strengthen their own commitment to recovery.


Family therapy begins once a student reaches level 3 in the R.A.N.C.H. program and is required for all families. The frequency of these regular sessions is determined by your son’s therapist, as clinically needed. During family therapy, parents, siblings, and students come together to address and correct any negative issues that may be present in home life. These can include communication barriers, stresses, and possible threats to your child’s sobriety or growth before he graduates and leaves Resolution Ranch.

Dealing with troubled teens can be a difficult and frustrating. But before you send your child to a private school or simply give up altogether, first consider Resolution Ranch’s boarding school for troubled teens. Please contact the staff at Resolution Ranch for more information or to enroll your child in our boarding school for troubled teen boys.