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A Day at the Ranch

Scroll down to see what it’s like to be a student at the ranch. Our program is flexible, so it often varies slightly for each student. The following is a glance at some of the key components of our program and what a typical day is like from start to finish.


Physical Training 

7:30 AM Start


Daily exercise provides structure and motivates students by helping them set personal health goals. During the week, small group sessions are held on Wednesday afternoons in our on-campus Strength and Conditioning center.

“We build relationships and a strong community through a little sweat while supporting each other.” Neal Staab,        Licensed Instructor

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9:30 AM Start


After working out, students return to their dorm to shower, get dressed, and make their way to breakfast. More than a meal, breakfast nurtures students’ sense of responsibility. They’re trusted to serve food promptly and clean the dishes and kitchen.

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10:00 AM Start


Daily chores help students work on their time management skills and instill a sense of responsibility. Students are responsible for washing and hanging their laundry; other projects, like building a fence, helping out in the kitchen, or lending a hand for repairs, are assigned based on a student’s interest. Showing initiative is key.

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11:00 AM Start


Academics are customized to each student’s strengths and needs. Our classrooms are set up to limit distractions, with resources like tutoring, ACT, and SAT prep readily available.

“We set these guys up the best we can so they can go straight to the next level, whether that next level is back into high school or college.”
Eric Benson, Director of Education.

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1:30 PM Start


By working directly with horses and being responsible for their care, students learn about communication, authenticity, and safety through Equine Therapy.

“The horse reflects the behavior of the person interacting with it. It’s very telling. The horse depends on being able to read you, where you are, what’s going on, and your intentions.”
-David Stubbs, Equine Director

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3:00 PM Start


Students engage in various forms of therapy throughout the week. This includes individual therapy with one of our licensed clinical therapists, group therapy with 7 to 8 individuals in the community, and family therapy sessions that include parents and siblings. Resolution Ranch therapists specialize in Behavior Modification Therapy and work closely with troubled teens to identify core issues, their roots, and treatment.

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4:00 PM Start


Working with others is an essential part of life at Resolution Ranch. Group activities can range from athletics, such as playing football with our Founder, former NFL player Scott McGarrahan, to art classes taught by visiting artists.

“Sometimes, each individual can’t solve every problem. But there’s not much we can’t get done, whatever comes up, together.”

— Scott McGarrahan, Founder

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5:30 PM Start


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A Typical Day at Resolution | Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth

Students engage in various forms of therapy throughout the week at Resolution Ranch Academy, a boarding school for troubled youth.