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A Ranch That Leads Troubled Boys to a Brighter Future


We are a therapeutic ranch for at-risk boys ages 13 to 17, with a positive, nurturing environment focused on guiding personal growth through mentoring, confidence-building activities, back-to-nature experiences, animal-assisted therapy, and open communications. We offer solutions for teenagers with behavioral issues like disrespect, defiance, anger, lack of motivation, poor grades, and self-destructive behavior. Boys come to live on our campus in Cameron, Texas, for an average of six to nine months, daily immersed in a therapeutic milieu and character-building ranch responsibilities. This program is a great opportunity to make an impact on your son for a lifetime.

Scott McGarrahan

“The kids come here very lost and now they’re positive members of society. They’re contributing in a good way to their family and the people around them.

Scott McGarrahan, Former NFL Player, Resolution Ranch Founder


Our therapeutic boarding school offers a nurturing environment where teenage boys 13-17 can find unconditional support and guidance. If your child is suffering from behavior issues, or depression or is making choices that cause harm to himself or others, we are here to help. Since 2004, we’ve been here to help boys suffering from a variety of personal issues, especially including:

  • Self-destructive behavior

  • Thoughtless attitudes

  • Failing in school, or school expulsion

  • Life-controlling issues

  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

We also help boys with behavioral issues such as:

  • Entitlement issues

  • Lack of respect

  • Hostility towards family and authority

  • Irresponsibility

  • Lack of motivation

  • Low self-esteem

  • Becoming withdrawn

  • Falling with the wrong crowd

  • Unmanageable behavior

  • Living outside family norms and values

  • Video game and online disorders

Boy Ranches for Troubled Boys


We combine Equine Therapy, Clinical Therapy and Academics in five levels of achievement with a goal of initiating personal growth in a boarding school setting.


As boys progress through the program, they go through the five growth levels that make up our effective R.A.N.C.H. system: Recovery and Academics through Nature, Counseling, and Healing. Our philosophy is based on a commitment to personal growth through the teaching of values, responsibility, and respect. We employ this philosophy in every aspect of our program, which combines Equine Therapy, Clinical Therapy, and Academics in a therapeutic boarding school setting. 

Boy Ranches for Troubled Boys


This introduction period focuses on respect, communication, and expectations; students learn about the program while therapists learn about the students.

Boy Ranches for Troubled Boys


Students and therapists identify the issues they’d like to work on and establish goals during this time focused on discovery and new beginnings.

Boy Ranches for Troubled Boys


Students in level three—considered a turning point for deeper therapy, change, and humility— have demonstrated an ability to make wise decisions and are expected to utilize leadership and anger management skills.

Boy Ranches for Troubled Boys


During this time, students focus on relationships and making amends, while a proven willingness to grow and help others often increases independence and confidence.

Boy Ranches for Troubled Boys


The last level of our program is a period of reflection and affirmation; students reexamine their journey and develop a plan to continue their commitment to a better future.

For a full description of each level, download our parent packet.

Boy Ranches for Troubled Boys

Level work is the foundation of our program. It consists of written assignments each student works on three times per week, designed to foster self-reflection and accountability. To move up a level, a student must first take initiative, decide he’s ready, and obtain approval signatures from staff. Your child will then receive feedback from his peers and be voted up. Residents must progress through all levels to graduate from our program.


Rules and responsibilities bring necessary structure to life at the Ranch. However, if a student’s behavior requires disciplining, we do so through learning experiences intended to encourage them to reflect on their actions and consequences. Learning experiences may include extra duties/chores, insight writing assignments, talk ban, loss of privileges, or productive work.

Learn about Equine Therapy

As the day winds close, the quiet time after dinner is perfect for reflection. Many students choose to work on their journaling in the evenings, while others come together in groups to discuss their progress. NA meetings for students dealing with life-controlling issues are held during this time, as are Productive Choices meetings. An optional spiritual development class is available to students as well.

From Our Students

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Learn more about our boys ranch for troubled boys founded by an NFL player, with help for behavioral and educational issues in boys.