Therapeutic Alternative to Vision Quest Boot Camp

Desperate to turn their child's life around, parents dealing with a troubled teen may find the idea of a teenage boot camp very appealing. However, child experts warn that these military-style rehabilitation centers may actually do more harm than good.

What are Boot Camps?

Teenage boot camps utilize the traditional military tactics of direct confrontation, discipline and grueling physical training to essentially break a defiant teen down so they can be remolded into respectful and behaved teenagers. Some boot camps, like the Vision Quest Boot Camp, combine the boot camp environment with individualized treatment programs.

Why Boot Camps Don't Work

While severe discipline and physical training make a good solider, these tactics are generally ineffective when it comes to troubled teenagers. Child psychologists report that instead of stimulating change and introspection, confrontational tactics only reinforce a child's anger and resentment towards authority figures. Even at a boot camp like Vision Quest, where camp administrators try to balance the military environment with much needed therapy, teens are closed off to open self-expression and trust, key components of any effective therapy program, due to the constant confrontation and discipline. Research has shown that the recidivism rate for teenage boot camps can be as high as 90 percent.

A Therapeutic Alternative

At Resolution Ranch, we utilize a family-oriented approach that emphasizes therapy, nature, and community to help teens discover constructive ways to manage anger and develop a positive value system. By implementing a personalized and nurturing treatment program for each teen, we address the full spectrum of emotional, behavioral, and academic problems that contribute to out-of-control behavior.

We provide solutions to families dealing with troubled teens. For more information on our residential teen center or to enroll your child in our treatment program, please contact the knowledgeable staff at Resolution Ranch.

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