Resolution Ranch

Resolution Ranch Welcome to Resolution Ranch, a therapeutic residential facility for troubled teen boys ages 13-17. Resolution Ranch offers solutions to families dealing with the negative influences in today's teenage environment. We are located on a beautiful Texas ranch, far from the temptations of drugs and alcohol, sex and peer pressure. Resolution Ranch is a safe place, where students are free to find their true selves and get in touch with the values they may have forgotten.

Recovery and Academics through Nature, Counseling and Healing

The Philosophy of Resolution Ranch is based on a commitment to personal growth through change, honesty, trust, experiencing nature and people helping people. We employ this philosophy in all of our day to day activities in this program. We are a family - a group of people involved in the total sharing of our lives. We know that change happens as a result of meaningful sharing and honest relationships. We also know that growth in the areas of honesty, trust, improved relationships, responsibility and stress management will reduce your child's dependence on unmanageable behavior, thus increasing your child's ability to find joy and fulfillment in his life.

Resolution Ranch is not a teen boot camp that utilizes confrontational military tactics to coerce teens into obeying the rules. Our program of individualized therapy is designed to meet the personal needs of each teen. Unlike teenage boot camps, we address the full spectrum of problem areas, from social ills to academic weaknesses, in a positive and nurturing environment. We guide teens through the process of re-evaluating the negative value system that led them down the wrong path and we reinstate positive, life-affirming values of health and family.

Our therapeutic boarding school helps trouble teen boys gain the self-awareness, confidence, and rational decision-making skills they need to lead productive lives as teenagers and young adults. Please contact our knowledgeable staff to receive more information on our Program for troubled teen boys.

The Mission of Resolution Ranch is to assist teens in the reintegration of values, establishing discipline and assisting in the building of character through physical, spiritual, academic, and emotional development.

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